Support me

If you like what I am doing and want me to keep doing this please support me on one of these ways.


This is by far the best way to support me. It's a direct donation without anything other than paypal taking a portion.


If you want to support me every month and just want to set that up once this is your choice! I will recieve a monthly payment and you will get a special role on discord. This role will allow you to sometimes vote which game I am going to stream.


If you want me to see your appreciation on stream donate this way! If I am streaming I will see that you support me and you can even send me a small message this way. It will also give you a role on discord which does the same thing as the patreon one.

Amazon affiliate

You can just make this a bookmark. Everytime you buy something I will get a small portion. You won't notice anything and at the same time you are supporting me how awesome is that?


If all of the above is a bit much don't worry. If you just watch a youtube video and you will support me too!

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