About me

I started making YouTube videos March 3rd, 2013. My very first video was for Crusader Kings 2, a game that I had played obsessively for almost a year. I created that first couple videos because I felt like there weren’t enough videos on YouTube that showed solid game-play with good video quality. I wanted to fill that need by putting up only 1080p quality videos and being as clear as possible in the strategy I was using, explaining carefully as I played. This has been a primary goal for the channel ever since. High quality video, (now) high quality audio, and the most description of what I am trying to do in a video as I can. My sense of humor is strange, and it filters in here and there, but the core mission is to educate.

How/why 8 videos a day?

Lately I have had some difficulty sticking to my tried and true system of 8/day, (how else could I have over 10,700 videos in just 4 years?!) But the general concept behind it relates to a couple primary factors. #1) Insurance. It's better to bet on a lot of smaller 'clients' than on the one 'big fish'. I had always liked the idea of consistency, and being someone that people could plan around. #2) Humans. Well, at least.. humans like me. I think most humans are like I am. We are creatures of habit. For years and years I have religiously watched certain shows when they come out, specifically *because* i know when they come out. I enjoy the entertainment, sure, but it has almost become a ritual for me at this point. I'll freely admit that part my reasoning behind 8/day was to try and capitalize on that aspect ourselves.

The 26 cents story

This comes up from time to time, it was a question I answered in my first 100,000k subscriber AMAA. The question was something along the lines of "When did you know you could make a living doing YouTube". My answer was when I saw my first day's income after turning on monetisation. I made a whopping $0.26. Not even enough for a.... anything. But *that didn't and doesn't matter*. What I saw on that day was potential. Scalability. Sure, $0.26 can't pay a mortgage... but what if I had 10 times the views? What if I had 10 times more than that? Unlike a lot of other types of work in this world, this type of job has what I like to call 'an infinite ceiling'. You can only make so much money as a dishwasher. You can only get so many raises. Even commissioned people can only make so many sales in a day, and eventually they will hit a ceiling. There are only a few careers out there that can truly become limitless, and those include things like movie stars, musicians, inventors, writers, etc. But in a smaller way, a successful YouTuber/Content Creator can do it too. If I can somehow reach 10 times as many people, I will make 10 times as much money. It's that simple. There is no sudden increased cost of doing business, or any gimmicky 'gotchya's that you can run into. So long story short, when I saw those $0.26 I knew I could make it in this industry. (Granted I had 7 years of insurance sales and 1099 income experience to fall back on, and make me more comfortable with diving head first into a sea of unknowns.)

Current Situation

Right now I have reached a point where my family is happy, my children are healthy, we are doing well as a cohesive family unit, and business is good. I don't have quite as much drive to really *push* for more, because I have gotten to my comfort level with regards to income. I have high expectations (and trust me, my wife does too!), but I do still want to grow my business. These days I am trying to focus on reaching out to new personalities, and teaching them how to succeed in the business. I want to train new 'agents' (think Insurance! I won't ever be able to stop, so you can't expect to stop hearing about it!). I always perform my best when I am teaching. There's just something special about honing a craft and then transfering that skill to someone else. I hope I can succeed in 2017 and 2018 in building up some successful new channels, hopefully kindling the relationships with them and having more fantastic and interesting people to play with. I am really grateful to my Discord Crew, the moderators, Dibujor, and everyone else that has tried to get closer to me. I am by nature a fairly risk-averse person, (haha, insurance?! GET IT!?), so it has been very difficult for me to let people in. In the long run though I know it is the right direction to go.

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